A patient centric solution that seamlessly connects doctors and their patients
Providing patients with a portable lifelong health record solution that is universally compatible with any electronic health record (EHR) system. Our goal is to improve care coordination, patient outcomes and quality of life by offering a simple solution for both patients and their providers.

VYRTY(pronounced "VER-tee") is a secure offline data repository, with end-to-end encryption and remote record completion. VYRTY is a fully secure, portable, and HIPAA compliant health record management system.
We created VYRTY to solve a typical problem:
"I can't find my patients' medical information!

Too many disconnected EHRs to look through, with very different workflows, incomplete medical record information, wasting time, causing medical errors, duplication of tests, and creating risks for patients and their physicians."
Any doctor, USA

  • VYRTY was designed from the ground up by medical practitioners and data experts to provide seamless access to pertinent patient health information
  • Fits existing provider workflows, easy to use, easy to implement
  • Provides easy referral with medical record transfer for improved care coordination
  • Offers fully populated and complete medical record sharing including summary of care documents (CCDA), immunizations, diagnostic reports, medications, allergies, etc…
VYRTY supports HIPAA Rule 45 CFR § 164.524 which provides individuals with a legal, and enforceable right to receive copies of their medical records upon request

Encrypted VYRTY™ card
Provides access to patient's medical record both online and offline
8Gb+ Embedded Memory
Stores and organizes a life-long history of all CCDAs, summary documents, scans, lab results, x-rays, diagnostic images, medications, immunization, and notes, etc.
Automatic synchronization
Contains a patient's unified, always up-to-date medical record. Supports alerts and notifications.
Multi-factor authentication
Advanced triple authentication system and built-in continuous data encryption.
Hardware encryption
Transfers encrypted, disaggregated record updates through the cloud.

Disaggregated storage, carried by patients, no centralized servers to hack. Offline access.
Full interoperability
Works across all existing EHR systems to put patients in control of their medical records.
"Made in U.S.A."
All IP is designed, implemented and protected in the US.
No outsourcing.
Main manufacturing in Washington State.

Patent protected technology
Currently more than 60 issued and pending US and international patent claims related to data encryption, storage, transfer, and aggregation.

VYRTY's technology has wide applicability across multiple industries.

Founders & Executives
Eugene Luskin, Co-Founder & CEO
Seasoned entrepreneur, marketer, and inventor with over 10 years of CEO experience and over 20 years in the software, firmware, and hardware development industry, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies (Microsoft, Intel, Parametric) with expertise and experience from embedded systems and networking to platforms and integrated data solutions, ranging from enterprise to consumer-centric solutions.

Raif Khassanov, Co-Founder & CTO
Seasoned engineer, leader, and executive in technology companies for over 25 years with background ranging from ballistic calculations for space missions and special onboard satellite software development to end-to-end consumer and enterprise software and hardware systems development for US and European markets, being employed or contracted by such companies as Intuit and Microsoft.

Gene Kolker, PhD, Co-Founder
Data and analytics visionary, researcher, and executive with over 25 years in multi-disciplinary discovery, data science, and advanced analytics experience, including over 15 years in management and leadership, Chief Data Officer at Seattle Children's Hospital, Professor at Northeastern University and University of Washington with over 130 publications, 2015 HIMSS "Innovator" Award for Healthcare Information Technology.

Jacob Grinberg, MD, Co-Founder & CCO
Healthcare innovator, acclaimed primary care physician, for many years considered among best physicians in Seattle metropolitan area. Pioneer in clinical operations and medical technology implementations, mentor in University of Washington clinical program, Deputy Medical Director, and business owner of successful multi-specialty medical clinic with over 35 years of clinical and over 25 years of business experience.

Paul Buehrens, MD, CMO
Leader and visionary with special interest in preventive medicine and appropriate use of medical care, having experience as full time family physician for over 35 years, Medical Director of Lakeshore Clinic, board member of MPNW, Chair of Puget Sound Family Physicians, President and Chairman of NW Medical Group Alliance, Member of Medical Group Advisory Boards to Premera and Regence.

David Eckert, CFO
Experienced finance and operations executive for a wide range of companies, from early stage start-ups to public. Over 30 years, Mr. Eckert has held executive roles through the rapid growth stages of startups, including, for example, DocuSign, PayScale, Starwave, and Aldus, and worked with numerous investors and VC's through raising the required growth capital and to successful acquisitions and IPOs.

Board of Advisors
Dennis Cardoza
Former House Representative. Public affairs director, co-chair of the Federal Public Affairs Practice and chair of the California Public Affairs Practice of Foley & Lardner LLP. He advises a broad range of clients on legislative, regulatory, and public policy and advocacy matters, and has extensive policy experience with respect to water resource, banking, housing, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, education, foreign affairs, and health care issues. Served five terms in the U.S. House of Representatives from California's 18th District. Prior to his role in the House, Mr. Cardoza spent six years in the California State Assembly.

Jack Faris, PhD
Member of APCO Worldwide's Health Advisory Board, a specialty group within the firm's International Advisory Council that comprises more than 20 former chief medical officers, public health leaders, heads of communication of large pharmaceutical and insurance companies, and former health policy officials. Since 2012, Mr. Faris has been an independent consultant, working with the Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute, Infectious Disease Research Institute, Seattle Children's Research Institute, University of Washington Clean Energy Institute, Data Enable Life Sciences Alliance and other health care organizations.
Jeff Snedden
Senior marketing executive specializing in the use of big data and advanced analytics to drive innovation, strategy, change management, and improvements in Marketing effectiveness and efficiency. Jeff's special focus is in the areas of digital and consumer advertising. Snedden is nearly 20-year Microsoft veteran, who also worked at senior marketing positions at McCaw Cellular, AT&T Wireless, McCann Erickson, and Young and Rubicam.

Tom Martin
Chief Strategy Officer and CIO for EvergreenHealth. He has led Evergreen' CIN development, affiliation activity, practice acquisition, pop health initiatives and overall IT strategy. He is in the process of implementing a Board Digital Health committee. Prior to that he was CIO at UW Medicine. He spent nine years at Andersen Consulting in their state and local government practice.

Keith Marton, MD, FACP
Physician executive with over 40 years of experience in nearly every American healthcare setting. Previous faculty roles were at Stanford, Harvard, and UCSF, and CMO roles at Legacy Health and Providence Health & Services. Keith is on several health system boards, and consultant to many leading health systems. Expertise in quality, patient safety, physician engagement, strategic planning, leadership development, and medical group management.

Drex DeFord
Senior healthcare executive, business/technology strategist, start-up CEO, and CIO & Digital Health Leader. Drex's experience ranges from positions like SVP/CIO of Seattle Children's, Scripps Health and Stewart Health, CEO of NextWave Connect, and Chair of CHIME to serving as CIO/CTO in the US Air Forces. Drex has led healthcare IT in all types of healthcare systems such as government & military, not-for-profit, for-profit & VC-backed, ACO, and telemedicine programs.

Roy Díaz, PhD, JD
Attorney, executive, entrepreneur, and advisor helping companies, startups, and entrepreneurs capture, procure, protect, monetize, and enforce their intellectual property. Over 15 years of experience guiding companies in developing intellectual property portfolios mainly in the fields of healthcare, medical devices, wearable technology, computer, information, and communication technologies, optics and advanced materials.

Joseph Condon, MD, FACC
Dr. Condon has been a practicing general and interventional cardiologist in the Seattle area for the past 21 years and was the founding member of the Cascade Heart Clinic in Bellevue, WA. Dr. Condon has a career long interest in reducing health care costs and improving patient experiences and outcomes. He is currently practicing interventional cardiology at Providence St. Mary Medical Center Hospital in Walla Walla, WA

Physicians response
"Nothing could be more flexible, more patient-centric, more secure and more liberating than [this]. No upfront capital costs allowed immediate deployment. User friendly design means shorter downtime on peak productivity."
Dr. P
Evergreen Health Partners

"This simple card makes our lives so easy; it's so simple to understand and it saves our time and money. Physical card system provides strong value to patients and helps synchronize their care."
Dr. J
Advanced Family Medicine
"It's very easy to use; it's not interfering with my workflow and patients are really enthusiastic."
Dr. D
Evergreen Health Internal Medicine
"It saves a great amount of staff time and labor and improves the productivity of everyone involved."
Dr. J
Cascade Heart Clinic
A "patient first" approach to healthcare data

EMR/EHR agnostic and fully compatible.
Online transport – offline storage.
Preserves existing workflows.
Full HIPAA compliance.
"Black Hole" backup system.
No "man-in-the-middle" vulnerability.
Immune to ransomeware and denial of service attacks.
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